Sunday, April 27, 2008

Senzar @ BBC Radio

Senzar..s new release The Red Water played at Marry Ann Hoobs show on BBC Radio.
Marry Ann talks about the track being the weirdst voice sample she have heard this year
chek it out in our player or Download the part of the show

Mary Anne Hobbs Show - Experimental 23/4 - 2008 with Rustie

Rustie - ‘Dog Mask’ (Dubplate)
Rustie - ‘Keesha Resmak’ (Dubplate)
Hudson Mohawke - ‘Still On It’ (Wireblock)
Mike Slott - ‘Gardening’ (Dubplate)
Rustie - ‘Early Learning’ (Dubplate)
Olivier Daysoul - ‘Space Ship’ (Dubplate)
Alex Cortex - ‘Reminisce’ (Wireblock)
Music At Nite - ‘City to City’ (Wireblock)
Ghosts On Tape - ‘Port Moresby’ (Dubplate)
Dj Tamiel - ‘Body’ (Dubplate)
Pivot - ‘In The Blood’ (Rustie Remix) (Dubplate)
Rich Boy - ‘Chevy A Monsta’ (Dubplate)
Rustie - ‘Bad Science’ (Wireblock)
Starkey - ‘Blow Ya Mind Remix’ (Dubplate)
Joker - ‘Solid State’ (Dubplate)
Rustie - ‘Dragonfly’ (Dubplate)
Amit - ‘White Trash’ (Commercial Suicide)
Bullion - ‘Rude Effort’ (One-Handed Music)
The Roots - ‘Get Busy’ (Def Jam)
Scuba - ‘From Within’ from the album ‘A Mutual Antipathy’ (Hotflush)
Hecq - ‘Above’ from the album ‘Night Falls’ (Hymen)
Senzar - ‘The Red Water’ from the ‘Musica Materia’ compilation (Ajana)
Fraction - ‘Inside The Neighbour’s Cat’s Head’ from the ‘Superposition EP’ (In Fine)
Bop - ‘Cogito Ergo Sum’ from the ‘Subtle Audio Vol 1′ compilation (Subtle Audio

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