Monday, March 24, 2008

Senzar News + free music and video

Senzar News + free music and video
senzar has just released his track "The Red Water" on ajana rec on the compilation Materia Music which is a delish 2 disc chill compilation featuring Capsula,Electrypnose,Ovnimoon,Kick Bong plus lots of other good names

more info @

and we also did a video for this track aswell which can be seen at our youtube chanel or just click here:

and dont forget senzar has been cleaning up on his tracks and as been kind enough to make 2 eps with some of his older tracks for you to download for free :)

each ep contains 2 tracks ,artwork by melle gazelle and kenneth cockwhore

one is a deep minimal progressive trance and the other is good funny minimal trance

get them here:

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